Available Courses:

General Radiation Safety

Learn the basics of radiation safety – ideal for personnel working around radiation generating equipment or radioactive material


Developed and peer-reviewed by board-certified medical physicists, these courses are designed to comply with regulatory requirements from accrediting organizations

MRI Safety for Level II Personnel

This course will satisfy The Joint Commission requirement for the annual training on safety MRI practices

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LANDAUER Academy is a resource to help simplify your radiation education needs. Now, you can access and learn from our experts on your mobile device. We offer compliant, cost effective subscription options that will provide you with your radiation safety needs. Check out our LANDAUER Live chat feature to learn how you can subscribe today!

When you subscribe to LANDAUER Academy, you will have access to educational courses that feature:

  • Printable transcripts for all courses
  • Closed captioning – ADA compliant
  • Enhanced administrator visibility to monitor activity
  • Improved quizzes

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