Instructions for Landauer Academy Management Interface

The Landauer Academy Management Interface provides authorized customer administrators (“Admin”) to track and manage medical professionals training compliance for their institution.

Major Functions include:

I. Access and Login
II. Modify Admin Info
III. Adding Users
IV. Manage Users
V. Printing and Saving Certificates of Completion

I. Access and Login

The Management Interface has a specific web page requiring a username and password (both are case sensitive):

A. Web Page –
B. User Name: <<username>>
C. Password: <<password>>

II. Modify Admin Info

This tab allows the Admin to change contact information (Name, Email, Institution Name, Address, Phone) and Password. Once the Admin updates the desired field, select the “Submit Changes” button.


III. Add Users

The Add Users tab presents the Current Enrollment table. This table displays (i) a list of courses; (ii) the quantity purchased for each course; and (iii) number of Users enrolled in each course.

A. Move to the “Add a user” form and enter the fields including Name, Degree, Email and Course to be assigned and select “Add this User”.

B. Click Confirm to add the user.

C. A welcome email will automatically be sent to the enrolled user.
D. To add users by CSV click on “Here” (see image above). Highlight the Course to be assigned and select “Choose Files” to upload an Admin created CSV to add users to the selected courses.


IV. Manage Users

The Manage Users tab lists each course and user assigned along with status (modules complete, course completion date), e.g., a User assigned to three courses will have a separate entry for each course to display progress, send reminders, and print completion certificates for each specific course.

../Desktop/Screen%20Shot%202016-07-28%20at%209.05.30%20PM.pngA. Export CSV – Click on “Export CSV” to download a CSV file.


B. Resend – Select “Resend” to automatically email course access instructions to the User.
C. Certificate – Once the User has completed the course, the Certificate icon will be available to select, print and download (See Section V below).
D. Edit – Select “Edit”to change Name and Email address.



V. Printing and Saving Certificates of Completion.

The Manage Users tab will display the active Certificate icon once the User has completed the course. Select the icon and a new browser window will open with the Certificate of Completion and print window.

A. Choose the desired printer and select the “Print” button.
B. Save – The Certificate is in .PDF format and several ways to save this file. Choose “File”, “Save As”, browse to the desired location to save the file, and select “Save”.